Rise of the Fire Mage – A Hero is Born


In this twist on fantasy stories, the world and characters are based on the East rather than the West and the main character is an Asian version of Harry Potter.



Join Kaleem on his fantastic journey as he goes from being an abandoned child, beaten and bullied relentlessly, to become one of the greatest warrior magicians the world has ever seen!!

Set in the underbelly of the Salama Empire, Kaleem is a gentle, unassuming boy who on a fateful day after years of severe bullying, snaps and unleashes dormant magic that destroys all who stand in his way.

Desperately trying to harness his new-found magic, he embarks on a journey of adventure and self-discovery.
But he’s not alone as a deadly force harbouring an ancient grudge stalks him every step of the way. Kaleem has many adventures as he searches for his parents and tries to learn more about his magical abilities. He learns from his teacher, a powerful magician, and meets many people, both good and evil.

This Young Adult fantasy will transport you to a world brimming with powerful magic, terrifying demons, bloodthirsty cannibals and a sinister secret society with plenty of battles on the way.

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