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How I am marketing my book

So your book is published. Now what?

As I am a self published author I have to market my book myself. The writing and editing part is over!! Now it’s time to promote and sell it.

It starts with getting your friends and family to read your story and tell others as word of mouth is a very powerful tool.

You will need to learn to utilise social media. I have learnt to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok!!

You need to engage your followers by posting regularly. Quirky videos and photos will increase your followers. My first video on TikTok had 1000 views.

I am not selling on Amazon so I had a professionally designed website where my books are available for sale. The website will have a short bio of me.

You have to promote your book to everyone. I always indirectly start talking about my book when I am talking to someone who hasn’t bought it.

If you don’t get many sales don’t be despondent – these things take time and effort.

I phoned thirty bookshops across the country and was turned down many times until I eventually sold ten copies to one shop.

I also approached the local media and sent them press releases. One newspaper used my story, so local press are a great way to publicise your book.

Most importantly, it is a learning curve which can be very enjoyable especially when you make a sale. I sold 40 copies in the space of a week.

Also take advice from people who have experience with writing and marketing. Independent publishing is the way forward!!

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